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Thoughts on the Science March 2017

I still have mixed feelings about the Science March being held on Earth Day.

Respecting and loving the Earth requires one simple thing: being a good human. The expressions can be through art, science, or any other healthy human action.

But given the numerous assaults on nature, especially the concerted efforts to defund research, ignore data, and discredit policy, the timing of the march makes sense. In the face of growing evidence, we are trading the long-term health of the Earth (and society) for short-term gains, greed, and apathy.

Science is a pursuit for knowledge. It’s not a label, marketing term, or ideology. But a human activity that attempts to explain the natural world. There’s perception, then there’s reality. Science attempts uncover the reality.

Also, it’s inspiring to see boots on the ground: citizens organizing and living out their convictions. Important collective actions that serve to improve society and the world as a whole.

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Posted: April 23, 2017


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